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Ellis Kelly
Licensed Agent since 2002
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Licensed Agent since 2009
Speciality: Small Group Health Insurance
Brandon Fella
Licensed Agent since 2008
Speciality: Short Term and Travel Insurance
Shellie Hill
Licensed Agent since 2006
Speciality: Annuities and Term Life Insurance
Call Us Today! 844-936-7655

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About OMNI

Omni Insurance Group (OIG) is a forward thinking market aggressive agency within the Baton Rouge Metropolitan area. OIG's, CEO has over 14 years of experience in the insurance industry. His background includes Worker's Comp, Personal/Commerical Line, and Certified State Financial Service Instructor for Life & Health and Property Casualty Insurance. With our leader at the helm, Omni Insurance Group promises to provide you with a captive and independent agency experience, in areas such as quoting, marketing, sales, customer service, product training, sales technique training and management. We have positioned ourselves in this manner to benefit the Baton Rouge Insurance Market and her customers.

Our key to success hinges on, our standard of being your Agency of Choice. We possess the knowledge and ability to create your need-base solution with the highest quality customer service. Our goal is not to partner with all carriers, but to partner with the Right carrier for you. By exceeding your desires for your individual needs and your family's care, we fulfill our vision to be the insurance group that you can always count on.